This telugu movies gives you goosebumps Jessie

This telugu movies gives you goosebumps: Jessie

Jessie is a south indian horror thriller film released in the year 2019. It’s a telugu language film written and directed by Aswin Kumar V. This telugu movie will just give you goosebumps for its horrific scenes and thrilling background music. Some scenes will give you thrilling experience. It is one of the best suspense movies out there. You can watch Jessie movie online today and make your friends get scared of this.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Atul Kulkarni

Actress: AshimaNarwal, SrithaChandana

Other actors: KabirDuhan Singh, ArchanaShastry, PavaniGangireddy

Director: Aswani Kumar V.

Art Director: Kiran Kumar Manne

Producer: Shweta Singh

Music: SricharanPakala

Cinematography: Sunil Kumar N.

Editing: Garry Bh

Story By: Aswani Kumar V.

Other information:

Runtime: 1h 46min

Release date: 15 March 2019

Genre: horror, thriller

Story line:

The story revolves around 4 people who go to an abandoned house to investigate paranormal activities that were rumoured around the place. They went there to unveil the mystery of two sisters jessie and amy but as they proceed with their investigation in that abandoned house, they notice some behavioural changes in the second sister amy that just freaks them out into questioning the reality. They wonder if it is a dream or reality that they are in. With some of the side plots and horrifying scenes, the film slowly takes up the pace on revealing the true story behind the deaths of those women. The ending will be totally unexpected from your expectation and will give you enough chills.

Technical Asset:

  • It’s a blood full and horror movie. The storyline is written to horrify people in every way possible. It is just love to watch a movie like this.
  • Music and background score is just on point. This gives you chills while watching and gives the intense feeling throughout the movie.
  • locations of the movie are perfect suits to the movie. It has been an asset to the movie with lots of add-ons.
  • Characterization of each role is handcrafted. Everyone has a purpose to fill and a job to complete in the movie.

Artists performance:

Everyone in the movie acted so well. AshimaNarwal as Jessie has played wonderfully. She is the actual person who made everyone pee and gave lot of sleepless nights. Archana is a crazy actress, her reaction to the action was fabulous. The sister role by     SrithaChandana was completely mind blowing.

Reasons to watch:

  • You have to watch this for the best suspense and thriller feels.
  • Enjoy the horror with the best story and best music in recent times.
  • To get the lessons of humanity.

The film has been proven to be one of best horror movies in telugu that was released in the recent times.Telugu film industry comes up with very few horror films that are best and this is one of them. This telugu movie gives you goosebumps and the best suspense movies in telugu. You can watch Jessie movie online today and enjoy horror.