Contact Lens Solution

What is in Your Contact lens Solution?

Contact lenses, instead of spectacles, lay directly on your eye and improve your vision. These lenses come in two different hardnesses. Because they are more comfortable to use than rigid lenses, soft contacts are the most common. If you use and take care of this eye wear properly, it is generally safe. Part of good contact lens care includes using your eye doctor’s suggested contact lens solution.

You can learn vital information regarding contact lens solutions from a nearby eye clinic.

What’s In Your Contact Lens Solution?

  • Disinfectant

Disinfecting lenses is one of the primary purposes of contact lens solutions. The solution’s disinfectant removes bacteria, fungus, viruses, and other microbes that can spread infection.

  • Preservative

Preservatives in contact lenses keep them fresh and functional for longer, just like in food. They extend the shelf life of your contact lens solution, allowing you to use it much after its expiration date.

  • Surfactant

A surfactant is also a component of contact lens solutions. You will require a contact lens solution with an efficient surfactant additive,primarily if you reside in a dusty environment. This ingredient cleans off your contacts’ surface buildups.

  • Wetting Agent

To keep them soft, your contact lenses must be kept wet. An efficient wetting agent is released during the day. Because of this, several contact lens cleaning solutions advise washing your lenses more frequently during the day.

Advice for contact lens wearers

Use a new solution each time you clean and sterilize your lenses. Your contact lens solution won’t be sterile if you pour it into another container. The solution bottle’s tip shouldn’t come in contact with other surfaces. When not in use, keep the bottle tightly closed or sealed.