Facial Recognition Door Access: Ensure Fail-Safe Security For Workplaces As Well As Personal Spaces

Doors are a barrier at the entrance of any location. They allow the features of privacy and permeability to the space. This is done by keeping the door closed or open. People can choose to open the door for specific individuals on the other side of the door. The door acts as a permeable membrane for any particular space. Also, privacy can be achieved by closing the door indefinitely for every individual on the other side. However, conventional door locks do not have advanced features such as facial recognition door access. Due to this, people who control the lock are unable to identify the individuals on the other side of the door. This is a massive demerit in the case of conventional door locking systems.

Advanced Door Locks

Modern door locks have advanced features such as facial recognition door access, fingerprint access, voice recognition, etc. These features allow people to program their doors to be accessed only by a specific set of people. This is achieved by attaching an innovative lock system to the door. This advanced lock system consists of a camera, a fingerprint sensor, and a microphone. These connected devices take input from every individual who tries to access the door and forward this input to an artificial intelligence software for processing. The software analyzes the inputs and matches the results with the already fed data to determine if the person trying to access the door is allowed to enter or not. The usage of artificial intelligence software makes this whole process of locking and unlocking completely automatic.