Gum Paste Decorations – How to Create Simple 2D Shapes?

This is the first in a progression of articles on the most proficient method to make gum glue, otherwise called sugar glue, improvements for beautifying the two cupcakes and full size cakes.  This first article will take a gander at utilizing little cutters to make fun yet straightforward cupcakes. The subsequent article will assist you with making your own little blossoms and the third will go into utilizing silicone veiners, shape and adding measurement to your enrichments. As we come you will fabricate your aptitudes helping you tackle the errands in each progressive article.

Utilizing Gum Paste versus Fondant

 To explain, I use gum glue for every one of my designs. I have utilized fondant previously however I discover gum glue is a lot simpler to oversee. Fondant can get clingy and turn out to be fiddly for little errands. I do utilize fondant here and there to cover cupcakes and full estimated cakes.

Despite the fact that you can by and large locate a couple of various hued fondants all things considered cake brightening shops I have never observed shaded gum glue in stores here in Sydney. On the off chance that you do need to shading your gum glue it very well may be done effectively with ordinary or gel food shading.



Before you begin shading your gum glue you should settle on a shaper to coordinate your subject. For ordinary size cupcakes, a shaper the size of a 50 penny piece functions admirably. For ζαχαρόπαστα cupcakes you are taking a gander at a shaper the size of a 10 or 5 penny piece, which can be a lot harder to discover.

Shading Your Gum Paste

Whenever you have picked your last tone, add a couple of drops of shading to your gum glue. You will truly need to work the batter to blend in the shading so be set up to get your hands grimy. Corn starch can be utilized to help forestall the gum glue from adhering to both you and your work seat yet be cautious an excessive amount of corn starch can dry out your icing