English Is The Language Of British International Schools Communication

From the point of perspective on Educational Commission, English has become the language of international communication; accordingly, the rising generation of French individuals should be familiar with French in composed and oral forms. This suggests that the format of the educational systems of various countries is drastically revised, and bets are placed on the top to bottom study of the English language. This decision of the French government and representatives of the French educational sector is also caused by disappointing statistic data: France ranks the last among the other European countries by to the degree of English capability among students, and prospects to move toward this path are disappointing, inauspicious, after analysis, the French reasoned that even Spaniards, previously considered to be the most backward European nation in terms of language information and capability in English, have overtaken the French individuals with regards to the overall Anglicization.

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Teaching English is adapted by the need to satisfy global guidelines that would control the run of the global pattern towards generally accepted civilization standards. Globalization of the world community in all areas of improvement requires the active use of the English language in all areas of cooperation between countries. Active exchange of students, migration stream of labor migrants indicate to establishment of single and advantageous communication between all nations, diplomats, religions. The English language immovably established itself in educational, scientific and cultural advancement of the entire mankind.

For quite a while past, the greater part of the world community was convinced that the past Franco-English language war finished half a century ago – after the World War II, when the United States had gained considerable political influence around the world and English had become a means for business and diplomatic communication in the West, and later all through the world. The English language had put out French and different languages from the position of international significantly over a century ago – since the aggrandizement , so the extension of influence of the United States and Britain had just strengthened English language expansion.

 Battle for world language domination all over the world prompted the victory of the English language type of communication pearson edexcel. Indeed, even immense efforts of France failed to ensure its success in the colonial territories. In contrast to the Americans and the British, who did not constrain the spread of English around the world, while just using their conquests in the new territories, the French at one time spent billions on propaganda and spread of their language in French-speaking countries of Africa and the Atlantic coast. The French government invoked and applied even corrective measures against freely financed institutions that used in crafted by Americanisms or English phrases that have a French equivalent.