Robo-Advisors Help Investors Peek Behind the Curtain

At the point When many people’s investment portfolios took a significant hit after the 2008 subprime mortgage catastrophe, more than a few financial advisors needed to send a robotic clone to inform customers their portfolios had lost value. Robo-advisors are currently doing a great deal of what financial advisers do – not the filthy work …

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Social Media

Top Reasons to Use a Hashtag for Your Event

A Twitter hashtag is a subject, or catchphrase state, with pound sign # before it. For instance, #CHA and #Cheats are both hashtags for the Chattanooga, Tennessee region explicitly. Follow #CHA one can discover things identified with those in Chattanooga. Follow the hashtag #Cheats you will discover Chattanooga caf├ęs, foodies, and bloggers all discussing food …

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