The keys to sensual massage

Keys to sensual massage the first key I should mention is your personal attitude. You should see sensual massage as an art form. This will set the tone so you can manage this for your assistant. You should concentrate on enjoying the observed effect you have on your partner. Sensual massage is not intended for treatment. It should be sensual. You want to give pleasure to your partner. You should consider sensual massage as more than a one-dimensional event. Take control of every aspect of the situation. You must master the art of sensual massage, and the only way to do it is through practice. You must put yourself in your partner’s mind and discover what exactly he likes. You need to know when and where to apply certain massage techniques. Time is critical.


You must be prepared to learn and wish to please

Put yourself in the role of pleasure giver and let this be your only mission in life while doing the massage. You must know exactly what you need to please your partner and know how to provide this pleasure without limits. The first factor you should control is your own appearance. Your body must be clean and healthy.

He wants his partner to be mentally relaxed so he can enjoy better what he does with him. Candles are always good to light. You want to use enough candles to provide enough light to be comfortable, but you don’t want it to be completely dark. You can play with the number of candles used and their location until you get the desired effect.