ev charger service

How are electric cars charged?

Before buying an electric car, you should familiarize yourself with the necessary on-board equipment to avoid “charging” or, if you use the current term, “replacement” problems.

It is important to ensure that the electric car is equipped with a charger with a “standard” connection, that is, e) Suitable for receiving electric power directly from the ENEL network and, therefore, from the power outlet of our garage. If this is not the case, then something is wrong and you should contact the seller.

ev charger service

Such a solution in the standard equipment installed in an electric vehicle https://cstl.com.hk/wall-mounted-ev-charger/ allows you to charge batteries anywhere using the power grid. In fact, electric vehicles have different types of chargers. However, they do not allow to receive electricity from the mains, but they require special adapters or they must be connected directly to the charging points at the service stations, which are currently available in large cities. The ideal solution is to have a charger on board the car with a standard high frequency output without having to resort to external devices.

Account the electric car

Taking into account the electric car, it is necessary to study the cost of the energy needed to power a set of batteries. The models that help reduce energy costs are, of course, models that allow you to charge batteries directly from the national network. In general, a full charge of energy for a set of traction batteries for vehicles that receive power directly from the network does not cost more than 2 euros.

Vehicles equipped with a standard charger https://cstl.com.hk/reverse-vending-machine/ can optimize the time spent at home charging batteries. In fact, it takes an average of 8 hours to fully charge a set of traction batteries.