Food hacks – Caviar and Cookies

How should one eat Caviar?

  • Caviar should be chilled when served, no matter whether it is fresh or pasteurized.
  • If you want to get its fullest taste, and then avoid using metal spoons which can vary its taste, instead make use of crystal, bone or pearl spoon.
  • Eating caviar in small bites is a traditional practice, and when you are learning to eat it, small bites will help you to enjoy the flavor more fully without looking at the flavor or texture.
  • It can be often served with buttered toast bread which contains a dollop of crème Fraiche as its topper.
  • It is eaten with small boiled potatoes in some countries.

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cookiesSome of the types of cookies:

  • Biscotti – Nuts are contained in this unique type of cookies and are baked for two times to get a crisp consistency and they are tasty to eat.
  • Drop cookies – This type of cookies are baked easily by dropping or pushing cookie dough and you can make these cookies in various shapes as well as textures.
  • No-bake – Another type of the simplest and easily made cookies is no-bake which does not require an oven to make. Some of these cookies include rum balls, coconut bars, peanut butter bars and many.
  • Refrigerator/ icebox – These cookies are made with dough is stiff. Before slicing and baking, they are formed in a cylindrical shape.